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Day Three

Still no fans, eh? This thing is becoming my journal, so be it, another night, another entry:

I’ve come to the conclusion that apparently my ability to talk to women is beneficial TO OTHER PEOPLE.  A friend recently borrowed a quote of mine and to my surprise, what didn’t work for me, did wonders for him! I’m happy for his success and wish him nothing but the best, but how in the hell did I pull that off? I’m guessing the outward appearance is what put him over the top, but dammit if I’m not a little bit confused about how he got the digits and I didn’t.  Also to my surprise, two of my other friends have tried internet dating and taken to it like a fish to water (pun intended).  I guess I can’t complain about the site not working, I guess it just doesn’t work for me.

I really need the economy to start booming because I want to quit my job so bad.  The more I see what they’re trying to turn TSA into, the less I want to be a part of it.  You guys think airport security sucks now? Give it a year, even though the potential for a terrorist attack has been greatly diminished, they’re still thinking of ways to make the airport traveling experience suck.

Really tired of this Jeremy Lin nonsense.  He’s better than what people expected, but he’s no superstar, he’s more flavor of the month than anything else.  Please don’t make him into the basketball version of Tim Tebow, then I’d really have to hate him.  Besides, lets wait until Carmelo gets back before we decide that he’s the Asian chosen one, because I truly believe you will see a dip in his numbers when he has to share the ball with Melo.

I can’t wait for Mass Effect 3 to come out, I have a feeling that between that, NBA 2K12, and Skyrim my spring is going to be booked solid.  March 6, ladies and gentlemen, hopefully it doesn’t disappoint.

I recently started re-watching The X Files and I have to admit, I enjoy this series more than most current television series out.  I think that goes to a bigger point, in a recent discussion among friends I lamented that I missed old television.  I miss the old The Real World, before it got super fake and commercialized.  I miss Road Rules, Daria, Aeon Flux, I even miss Total Request Live.  In short, I miss the old MTV.  When I was growing up, MTV was the perfect escape for a pre-teen to late teen who wished to watch something geared towards them.  Shows like the Real World back then had characters that you could actually see as real people, not these tool bags they put on now that are just looking for a platform to try and launch themselves into stardom.  Road Rules was actually going places few college students and young adults had been, instead of to just college spring break hot spots and serving as censored version of Girls Gone Wild.  Daria was a cartoon that was meant for teenagers and not campy like Beavis and Butthead, even though they were funny in their own right.  Even though TRL only showed one minute of each music video in their top ten, many of us have to admit that Carson Daly, Quddus, Lala, and others definitely had their pulse on what was important to teenagers across the country.  Lets be honest, to anyone my age, and those a little older and a little younger, if you think about, this current version of MTV sucks in comparison to its predecessor.  Jersey Shore is a joke, RJ Berger sucks, and most of the other shows don’t even deserve to be named allowed.  I hardly watch TV anymore, but when I do, I don’t even bother turning to MTV.

People are making a lot of noise about Chris Brown performing and receiving a Grammy this year, but what I don’t understand is, if we are a forgiving people, why does it look like women just won’t forgive him?  Yes, he was incredibly stupid the night he beat the crap out of Rihanna.  Yes, his lack of compassion towards those who didn’t agree with him performing and winning leaves much to be desired.  But it happened and he’s kept out of trouble since that night, he performed his community service, he hasn’t run afoul of his probabtion, so leave him alone.  I hate that I feel as though I’m defending him, but I feel like this is more related to his skin tone than anything else.  Charlie Sheen gets in trouble for drugs, beating women and any other form of trouble, we celebrate him doing a comedy road show about it, but Chris Brown receiving an award for having a successful album and tour is too much for many to stand? What’s the difference? Is it cool because Charlie Sheen was already a bad boy before he got in trouble –again, and Chris Brown had a clean record? If you’re going to congratulate one on his return from his mistake, you can do it for the other.

I think I’m done for tonight, goodnight.


Day Two

So I was shocked to see that the fame and fortune I had imagined wasn’t going to be immediate and that I’m apparently going to have to work for it.  As such here are my nightly musings:

If you read my last post you should know by now that I’m totally for equal rights for Homosexuals, however I do have one pet peeve with the Homosexual committee, and that is the flamboyancy some of them have.  Its not so much that I mind them being gay or for lesbians being “butch,” its that the way I look at it, I don’t force my heterosexuality  on you, so why do I have to have your homosexuality forced onto me? I understand that you’re proud of being gay but do I have to see you wearing an extra small shirt, skinny jeans and a damn purse?! And to my butch ladies, I get that you’re into women, but do you have to wear baggy jeans, a button up, corn rows and a fitted cap, to pull women? Its easy for me to vent here, to you, my adoring fan base, but I could never say any of this to them.  Its a lose-lose, they get mad, I fight them and win, people think I’m committing a hate crime, even worse I don’t fight they beat me up and everyone thinks I’m a chump who can’t even fight.  Its just a bad situation through and through.  The gay community needs to come together and rectify this problem because it would truly go a long way to brokering peace between the the tolerant (like me) and the gay communities for further peace.

I recently went to Star Wars: Episode I in the 3D and after getting over the feeling that I was ripped off (I really should have thought through spending money to see a movie that I had watched 5 times on DVD) there was one line that had struck me as the perfect segue into todays politics.  Queen Amidala says while her Planet is being overrun by the Trade Federation that she prays “sanity and compassion will return to the Senate.”  These are words which I think todays Congress should heed.  As we continue to roll through tough economic times, we need our elected leaders to do what is best for all people, not for a few and help those in need.  Lately what we’ve seen is grandstanding from both parties who are merely interested in garnering votes for the next election.  I love politics, but its times like these that make it hard to watch because as people suffer politicians would rather take advantage of the situation than actually help the problem.  People are suffering, scared that they’re next check could be their last, they’re scared that they won’t be able to make their next mortgage payment, they’re worried they won’t be able to feed their children and our politicians are fighting over how to pay for this? You need only look at Europe to see how Austerity has worked their, in Greece the people riot while the politicians watched football.  It has become more obvious to me as I’ve gotten older that our current brand of politicians are so out of touch with current middle class people that they only squawk the words they hear people cheer for.  Its disgusting, you were elected to act in the best interest of the PEOPLE, not businesses, not the rich, but the rich the poor and and the middle, now do your jobs and help us all.

Why do women become so upset when they see their man LOOK at another woman? I don’t understand the idea of it being disrespectful, its like when women see a pretty dress or a good looking guy, as long as you ONLY look it shouldn’t be a problem.  Now if he looks, stops and says something, smack him as hard as you can in the back of his head and cuss him out, this guy right here will have no problem with that.  Oh, and fellas if you lady does something similar, don’t hit her, just keep walking and when she asks where you’re going tell her to find something worth being with and keep it pushing.

Why do guys wear skinny jeans? If its to show off their legs, who are they trying to attract? If its guys, then hey do you, but straight guys, skinny jeans are just wrong on every level, get you some comfortable fit jeans.

Why are people piercing their dimples? Ears, cool, nose, fine, belly button, check, even the eyebrow is good, but dimples? Help me out here, I’m lost.

People should be watching AMC a lot more than they are, because they’re honestly doing television justice with their lineup.  Between Mad Men, Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead, its just an awesome time to watch that network.  So stop watching anything Fox, CBS and NBC try and throw at you and get you some cable.

Saw Safe House this weekend, Denzel has still got it, but honestly if there is any black actor that could potentially steal any of his shine as top dog, its got to be Don Cheadle.  House of Lies is awesome and I can’t remember a movie he was in that was bad.  Sorry Will Smith, Men In Black 3 might be good but you’re still just not on their level.  Plus Seven Pounds sucked, Pursuit of Happyness was alright, but you can only do action and comedy, Denzel and Cheadle, they can run the full gamut.

I’m sleepy, and my mind is empty for the night, so until tomorrow.

Day One

Thinking this through, I probably look really lonely starting a blog at 2:45 in the morning on Valentine’s Day.  But I don’t do this to impress you with my stories of my sexual prowess and conquers, that should come later on with the fame I achieve from this blog.  But these are my random musings that I think before I go to sleep, which happen to be my moments of true clarity.

Thinking about the Catholic Church, how can they take a moral stand for anything in this world when for years they have been protecting Priests who were molesting children? In the past week we have heard the Catholic Church complaining about contraception being forced down their throats by the new health care law.  I guess it makes sense that they would be against contraception though, considering that the people their Priests have sex with aren’t usually of age to have children, or aren’t going to need the morning after pill to stop an unwanted pregnancy.  My question has always been if its a woman’s body and she doesn’t want to have to worry about the specter of pregnancy after a night of drunken unprotected sex, who are we to stop them? People (conservatives) seem to believe that every pregnancy is a miracle from God, why couldn’t it be a cruel gift from Satan? I’m just saying, you have to be open to every answer of an open-ended equation, not just the answer that you see fit to hold as the one true answer as it suits your beliefs.

The State of Washington signed into law gay marriage, and being a straight man I recently discovered that it doesn’t affect me in anyway at all, so I’m cool with it.  People (conservatives) seem to have it in their head that legalizing gay marriage brings us one step closer to the brink of Armageddon, and potentially destroys “traditional” marriage.  How? Would men in traditional marriages all of the sudden think less of their wives and decide that they need to marry another man? I doubt it.  Would women in traditional marriages finally get tired of their husbands leaving the toilet seat up, divorce him and date women so that she could finally sit on the toilet free of fear of falling in? Probably not.  The only thing this law seems to do is treat gay and lesbian Americans like real citizens, and yet people (conservatives) seem to really be against this.  I hope New Jersey also signs this into law soon, because its about time that people recognize that Homosexuals aren’t going away and they deserve the same rights as Heterosexuals in this country.

I’ve been single for almost two years now, and being a black man in Atlanta, I was excited by the prospect of being in a city with an eight-to-one women to men ratio.  Really should have thought this one through.  The ratio is correct but there were a lot of variables (lesbians, baby mothers, just plain crazy) that I didn’t consider.  Have been on some dates but for the most part every time I meet a potential woman I want to talk to the conversation usually turns to what do I do? I’m embarrassed about my job so I embellish. Next question do I live with my parents? Hmm, now do I explain that I live with a handicapped parent who needs me to help her around, or lie, say no and quickly change the subject? So I joined a dating site to alleviate these problems or so I thought, and I can say with little to no hesitation that dating sites suck! I’m glad I never paid to join it or I would want to sue them for false advertising, there is nothing out there for me, or better yet no one will respond to my messages.  To anyone reading this that has had success on a dating site, what did you say or do that got someones attention, because the truth apparently isn’t what they’re looking for online.

I should tell you guys that I work for TSA in Atlanta, and since I know how much many of you love the TSA lets get one thing straight, we hate you guys as much as you hate us.  Sad but true, you think we suck, we think you suck more.  We have to smell your disgusting B.O., we have to go through your gross bags and we have to touch your nasty bodies, and guess what? Most times, we don’t say anything to you more than “thank you, have a nice day” so if we can keep our mouths shut the majority of the time, so can you.  I would love to not have to do any of that, but the economy sucks and none of us (by the way, probably 50% of those TSA officers have college degree) can find jobs in the field we want.  So our lack of enthusiasm and tact comes from the fact that we are working a job in which we are getting attacked on two fronts, one side from you and one side from our management, who has no idea what it is that they’re doing.  Since we can’t take it out on management (they’re vindictive and childish) when you guys give us a tough time, we usually won’t tolerate it from you.

I think I’m done for tonight, hopefully I’ve given you some things to think about, night!

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